1962 Volume 1, Number 3 (PDF only)

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Cover: Anselmo Duarte’s O Pagador De Promessas

Features: George Stevens, Jr. interviewed by Gordon Hitchens

Notes from the Venice Film Festival by Edith Laurie

Another Kind of Cinema by Marcel Mariën

Marcel Mariën’s L’Imitation du Cinema by Gregory Markopoulos

Freedom and Film: On film censorship

The San Francisco Festival 1962 by John Fell, Richard Kobritz, and Frank Smith

Ron Rice interviewed by Mary Batten

Mr. Arkadin by Peter Bogdanovich and Gordon Hitchens

The Museum of Modern Art Film Library by Gregory Markopoulos

Books: Hollywood in Transition by Richard Dyer MacCann; The Television Writer by Erik Barnouw; Film: Book 2: Films of Peace and War ed. Robert Hughes.  Reviewed by Robert Windeler