1963 Volume 1, Number 4 (PDF only)

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Cover: Hugh Hurd in Oshima’s Shiiku (The Catch)

Features: Anti-censorship lawyer Ephraim London interviewed by Mary Batten

Soviet film agency Novosti interviewed by Tanya Osadca

Actor Hugh Hurd interviewed by Clara Hoover

Ben Maddow’s An Affair of the Skin

The San Sebastian Festival by José Luis Torres

Hawaii and film by Tats Yoshimaya

Teaching silent film by Edith Laurie

The Chicago film scene by Carol Brightman

Reviews: Michael Cacoyannis’s Electra by Anna DeVaris

Nanny Loy’s Four Days of Naples by Peter Goode and Robert Connolly

Books: Ingmar Bergman by Peter Cowie, reviewed by Harry Feldman and Film, 1962 ed. Vittorio Spinazzola, reviewed by Robert Connolly