Digital Anthology: John Huston

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From Sam Spade to Annie, read up on John Huston's rogue-loving films with our 88-page digital anthology. Collecting all of our coverage of Huston, it includes multiple interviews, set visits, and appreciations of his diverse career.

May/June 1973: Tom Stokes Reck considers Huston’s underrated brand of auteurism

May/June 1973: Howard Koch, the screenwriter of Casablanca, recalls his partnership with Huston

May/June 1973: Gene D. Phillips interviews Huston

January/February 1976: Gideon Bachmann goes on the set of The Man Who Would be King to interview Huston

January/February 1976: Brendan Gill provides a close reading of Huston's Kipling adaptation

March/April 1980: Scott Hammen on Huston's war documentaries Report from the AleutiansThe Battle of San Pietro, and Let There Be Light

May/June 1980: Richard T. Jameson's 35-page analysis of Huston's career

July/August 1982: Harlan Jacobson on Annie

January/February 1984: Todd McCarthy reports from the set of Under the Volcano

July/August 1984: Todd McCarthy reveals the road to adapting Under the Volcano through interviews with Huston, producer Wieland Schulz-Keil, and screenwriter Guy Gallo

November/September 1985: Michael Walsh on opera in Prizzi’s Honor

September/October 1987: Wieland Schulz-Keil's remembrance of Huston

September/October 1987: Anjelica Huston interviewed by Beverly Walker

May/June 1991: Peter Richards on The List of Adrian Messenger

January/February 1997: Peter Richards on The Kremlin Letter