Digital Anthology: The American Gaze

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Film Comment anthology edited by Manuel Yáñez Murillo, now in an English translation e-book!

The American Gaze aspires to satisfy the curiosity of every cinephile who is willing to ask him or herself what Americans really think about their favorite art form.” —Manuel Yáñez Murillo

Table of Contents:

Introduction: The Value of the American Gaze by Manuel Yáñez Murillo

1. American Cinema: Print the Legend

Otto Preminger: A Study in Two Periods by Andrew Sarris (Summer 1965) 
Notes on the Auteur Theory in 1970 by Andrew Sarris (Fall 1970) 
Sunrise by Molly Haskell (Summer 1971) 
Max Ophüls: An Introduction by Andrew Sarris (Summer 1971) 
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance by David Bordwell (Fall 1971) 
Modern Times by David Denby (September/October 1972) 
Warner Bros. by Greg Ford (January/February 1975) 
Guilty by Omission by Jonathan Rosenbaum (September/October 1991) 
Guy Maddin’s Jolly Corner (September/October 2004, January/February 2005, January/February 2007, and March/April 2007)

2. American Cinema: Auteurs Like Us

The Power & the Gory by Patricia Patterson and Manny Farber (May/June 1976)
If I Can Dream: The Everlasting Boyhoods of Wes Anderson by Mark Olsen (January/February 1999) 
Moebius Dragstrip: Monte Hellman Circles Back by Chuck Stephens (March/April 2000) 
Bay Watch: Bigger, Faster, Louder by Kent Jones (July/August 2001) 
Future Shock by Chris Chang (July/August 2002) 
Battle Royale: Devotional Furies by Geoffrey O’Brien (November/December 2003) 
The Big Rupture: David Lynch, Richard Kelly, and the New Cinema Gestalt by Amy Taubin (January/February 2007) 
The Lives of Others: Todd Haynes’ Anti-Biopic I’m Not There is about “Bob Dylan,” not Bob Dylan by Larry Gross (September/October 2007) 
An Open-and-Shut Case: Why David Fincher’s Zodiac is the Film of the Year by Kent Jones (January/February 2008)

3. European Cinema: The Old Continent

Journal: Paris by Jonathan Rosenbaum (Winter 1971-72) 
Dziga Vertov: An Introduction by David Bordwell (Spring 1972) 
Fassbinder by Patricia Patterson and Manny Farber (November/December 1975) 
Herzog in Berlin by Amos Vogel (September/October 1977) 
Everything Is Illuminated by Nathan Lee (May/June 2005)

4. Asian Cinema: Wind from the East

Mizoguchi: The Ghost Princess and the Seaweed Gatherer by Robin Wood (March/April 1973) 
Hou Hsaio-hsien: Cinema with a Roof over Its Head by Kent Jones (September/October 1999) 
Caught: Mikio Naruse by Chris Fujiwara (September/October 2005) 
The Big Picture: Chor Yuen by Olaf Möller (November/December 2005)

5. Departments: Genres, Professions, and Other Formats

The Hollywood Screenwriter by Richard Corliss (Winter 1970-71) 
Genre: Populism and Social Realism by Raymond Durgnat (July/August 1975) 
Funny Peculiar by Dave Kehr (July/August 1982) 
Men Over Miami by Richard T. Jameson (March/April 1985) 
Essay Questions from Alain Resnais to Michael Moore by Paul Arthur (January/February 2003)

6. Free Radicals: Cross-Cutting Views

The Cliché Expert’s Guide to Cinema by Gilbert Adair (November/December 1979) 
Bad Movies by J. Hoberman (July/August 1980) 
The Director As Raging Bull by David Thomson (January/February 1981) 
The Great Frame Robbery by David Chute (September/October 1982) 
Curse of the Cult People by J. Hoberman and Jonathan Rosenbaum (January/February 1991) 
American Maniacs by Howard Hampton (November/December 1994) 
Editor’s Letters by Gavin Smith (January/February 2004, January/February 2005, and March/April 2010) 
For Your Reconsideration by Phillip Lopate (May/June 2009)