Fall 1963 (PDF only)

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Cover: Chris Marker’s Le Joli Mai

Features: Exploitation Films by Frank Ferrer

The LeopardLa Terra Trema, and The Sound of Trumpets by Robert Connelly

The law and the use of music in films by George Schiffer

Michael Cacoyannis by Athena Dallas

Gregory Markopoulos on his film Twice a Man

Reflections on making the documentary Sculptor by Alvin Fiering

Film and theatre by Edith Laurie

Festivals: New York by Gordon Hitchens; Locarno by Clara Hoover; Flaherty Seminar by Auston F. Lamont; Mannheim by Gordon Hitchens; Bergamo by Clara Hoover; San Francisco by John Fell and Joan Reynertson; Pula by Fitzroy Davis; Midwest by William Routt and Sidney Huttner; Edinburgh by Clara Hoover and Edith Laurie

Books: The magazines Centrofilm and Film Selezione, reviewed by Robert Connelly; Classics of the Foreign Film by Parker Tyler, The Story of The Misfits by James Goode, and The Dreams and the Dreamers: Adventures of a Professional Movie Goer by Hollis Alpert, reviewed by Gordon Hitchens; The Technique of the Sound Studio by Alec Nesbitt, reviewed by Mark Dichter; For Immediate Release by Hollis Alpert, reviewed by Ellen Bernstein; Antonioni by Philip Strick, reviewed by Harry Feldman