Fall 1965 (PDF only)

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Cover: Pier Paolo Pasolini's The Gospel According to St. Matthew

Features: Peter Watkins's The War Game, plus interview with Watkins by James Blue and Michael Gill

The Gospel According to St. Matthew bMaryvonne Butcher

To a Pope by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Pasolini interviewed by James Blue

Manipulation of the Masses through Nazi film by Hilmar Hoffmann

Germany Awake! by Erwin Leiser

Allen Funt interviewed by Harrison Engle on hidden cameras and human behavior

Specchio Segreto (Secret Mirror), the Italian version of Candid Camera by Robert Connolly

Report on the American Council on Education’s second Conference on “Film Study in Higher Education” by AnthonHodgkinson

Jail, freedom, and the screenwriting profession by Alvah Bessie

Statements by Dore Schary and John Howard Lawson, blacklisted writers

The American people and freedom on the screen by Herbert Biberman

The Blacklist—What it was Like and Why it May Return: A review and discussion 0f John Henry Faulk’s Fear On Trial bFWilliam Howton

Pornography in film by F. William Howton

Book Reviews: Documentarin American Television by A. William Bluem, reviewed bWillard Van Dyke, The Films of Akira Kurosawa bDonald Richie, reviewed by George Bluestone, The Filmgoer’s Companion by Leslie Halliwellreviewed by Prof. Robert Steele, The Sociology 0f Film Art bGeorge Huaco, reviewed by David Stewart Hull and DrJoseph Goldberg, The Journal 0f the Society 0f Cinematologists, reviewed by Kirk Bond