Fall 1970

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Cover: The Auteur Theory in 1970 by Andrew Sarris

Features: Problems of film distribution by Charles Silver

Ken Russell interviewed by Gene D. Phillips

Bette Davis and William Wyler by Gary Carey

William Wyler’s Carrie by Kenneth Geist

Animator and computer imaging innovator John Whitney interviewed by Austin Lamont

Milos Forman interviewed by Harriet Polt

Movies and death by Charles C. Hampton, Jr.

Film Favorites: The Circus by David Bordwell

Frankenstein by Paul Jensen

Trouble in Paradise by Richard Korszarski

Stage Fright by Molly Haskell

Lilith by Stephen Farber

The Wild Bunch by William Pechter

Books: Dwight Macdonald on Movies, reviewed by Foster Hirsch; Five Catalogues of the Public Auction of the Countless Treasures Acquired from MGM and The New York Times Film Reviews, 1913-1968, reviewed by Herman G. Weinberg; George Stevens: An American Romantic by Donald Richie, reviewed by Charles Silver; Persistence of Vision: A Collection of Film Criticism ed. Joseph McBride, reviewed by Richard Koszarski; Guide to Filmmaking by Edward Pincus and Jairus Lincoln, reviewed by Hubert Smith; Your Career in Film Making by George N. Gordon and Irving A. Falk, reviewed by Ernest D. Rose; Selznick by Bob Thomas, reviewed by Donald Staples