Fall 1971 (PDF only)

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Cover: John Ford’s late films by Robin Wood

Features: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence by David Bordwell

The Civil War by Joseph McBride and Michael Wilmington

Bernardo Bertolucci interviewed by Amos Vogel

Super Fight by James Childs

Alexander Dovzhenko by Marco Carynnyk

Roger Corman by Richard Koszarski; interviewed by Charles Goldman

Willard Maas interviewed by George Semsel

Journals: Paris by Jonathan Rosenbaum

L.A. by Jim Kitses

Film Favorites: Monkey Business by Joe Adamson

Love Affair and An Affair to Remember by Richard Corliss

Reviews: Wind from the East by Joan Mellen

Books: Negative Space by Manny Farber, reviewed by Jim Kitses; Four Screenplays by Carl Dreyer and The Cinema of Carl Dreyer by Tom Milne, reviewed by David Bordwell; Film Culture Reader ed. P. Adams Sitney, reviewed by Bill Simon; Twenty-Four Times a Second: Films and Film-Makers by William S. Pechter, reviewed by Robert Chappetta; Movies into Film by John Simon, reviewed by John W. Locke; The Films of Hal Roach by William K. Everson, reviewed by Leonard Maltin; The Serials: Suspense and Drama by Installment by Raymond William Stedman, reviewed by Miles Kreuger