January/February 1973

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Cover: Sex and Cinema by Richard Corliss

Features: Blue movies by Brendan Gill

Japanese erotic cinema by Donald Richie

Sexploitation distributor and director Radley Metzger interviewed by Richard Corliss

Censorship in London by Verina Glaessner

Censorship in California by Stephen Farber

Russ Meyer by Roger Ebert; interviewed by Stan Berkowitz

Vixen and Venus in Furs by Raymond Durgnat

Books: Jean Renoir: The World of His Films by Leo Braudy, reviewed by Jonathan Rosenbaum; The World Viewed: Reflections on the Ontology of Film by Stanley Cavell, reviewed by Noel Carroll; The Brakhage Lectures by Stan Brakhage, reviewed by Paul S. Arthur; The Complete Greed of Erich von Stroheim ed. Herman G. Weinberg, reviewed by Lewis Jacobs; Jean Vigo by John M. Smith, reviewed by Phoebe Cohen; Forty Years in Hollywood by Roman Freulich and Joan Abramson, The Fox Girls by James Robert Parish, and Hollywood: The Golden Era by Jack Spears, reviewed by Marshall Deutelbaum