January/February 1975

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Cover: The Hollywood Cartoon

Features: Warner Bros. by Greg Ford

Chuck Jones interviewed by Greg Ford and Richard Thompson

Jones collaborators Michael Maltese and Maurice Noble interviewed by Joe Adamson

Chuck Jones by Richard Thompson

Winsor McCay by John Canemaker

Max and Dave Fleischer by Mark Langer

Grim Natwick interviewed by John Canemaker

The Van Buren Studio by I. Klein

Walt Disney by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Tex Avery by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Tom and Jerry by Mark Kausler

TV animation by Leonard Maltin

The AFI by Austin Lamont

The BFI by Verina Glaessner

Journals: London by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Istanbul by Gerald Weales

Books: Each Man in His Time by Raoul Walsh, reviewed by George Morris; Ozu: His Life and Films by Donald Richie, reviewed by Joan Mellen