January/February 1980

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Cover: The Rose by Donald Lyons, and an interview with screenwriter Bill Kerby by Dan Yakir

Features: John Carpenter and his producer Debra Hill interviewed by Todd McCarthy

Irene Dunne by James McCourt, and interviewed by James Harvey

Modernist film (Godard, Resnais, Duras) by Don Willis

Ida Lupino by Ronnie Scheib

Hollywood market research by Thomas Simonet

New York independent film journals and institutions by Amos Vogel

The television family by Daniel Menaker

Midsection — The Seventies: The industry by Stuart Byron

Exhibition by Harlan Jacobson

Avant-garde film by J. Hoberman

Books and magazines by Richard T. Jameson

Ten Best by Elliot Stein

Eighties predictions by Lawrence O'Toole

Journals: Paris by David Overbey

Israel by Patricia Erens

Books: Stars and Gays and Film by Richard Dyer, reviewed by Robin Wood