January/February 1987 (PDF)

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Cover: Platoon leader Oliver Stone interviewed by Pat McGilligan


Marcia Pally interviews Jean-Jacques Beineix

Armond White investigates directors and their onscreen and offscreen muses

Midsection- In Development: Films in limbo by Beverly Walker

The industrial films of John Cleese by Daniel M. Kimmel

The Video Vitae of ‘Special Interest Programming’ by Marc Mancini

The Future of the British film industry by Harlan Kennedy

The 1986 Movie Revue: Oscar ‘Tout Sheet’ by Anne Thompson

New Faces of 1986 by Lawrence O’Toole

The best, the bold, and the bombs of 1986 by Stephen Harvey & Richard Corliss

Special: An advertisement salute to Klassik Klassix and Avi Timmel by Mike Wilkins & Jack Barth

Re-Animator Stuart Gordon with Meredith Brody

Journals: Lindsay Anderson films The Whales of August with Lillian Gish, Bette Davis & Vincent Price by Joanna Ney

Elliot Stein at the Cartagena Film Festival, Latin America’s oldest film fest

The 40th Edinburgh Film Festival by Harlan Kennedy

Pensees: ‘On the Colorization of Classics’

Orbits: Rembering Cary Grant by Richard Corliss