January/February 1992 (PDF only)

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Cover: Warren Beatty interviewed by Gavin Smith

Features: La Discrete by Molly Haskell

Otto Preminger by David Thomson

Writer Films (Naked LunchKafkaBarton Fink et al.) by Donald Lyons

Blade Runner by Michael Wilmington

Seijun Suzuki by David Chute

Frank Capra (1897-1991) by Richard T. Jameson

The Tempest in Movies by Harlan Kennedy

Gabriel Figueroa by Armond White

La Tigresa and Irma Serrano by Andrew Coe and A “Tour Guide” by Dale Tomajan

Composer Biopics by John C. Tibbetts

Black and White by Felix Andreev

Orson Welles: Young Mr. Arkadin by Jonathan Rosenbaum; The Fountain of Youth by Henry Sheehan; Othello by Richard T. Jameson

Guilty Pleasures: Wim Wenders

Best of 1991