January/February 2001 (PDF only)

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Cover: Terence Davies’ House of Mirth by Graham Fuller

PLUS star Gillian Anderson interviewed by Gavin Smith

In the Mood For Love by Kent Jones
Korea’s New Wave by Chuck Stephens
Luís Buñuel by Peter Hogue
Traffic director Steven Soderbergh by Gavin Smith
Christopher Nolan’s Memento by Mark Olsen
Plus our annual 2000 Wrap-Up

Frame-Ups: Luis Guzman and Mike White

Journal: London by Jonathan Romney

First Look: Ousmane Sembene’s Faat Kine by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Discovery: Helene Angel’s Skin of Man, Heart of Beast by Nicole Armour

Distributor Wanted: Robert Guediguian’s La Ville est tranquille by Robert Horton

Fade Out: Film critic Vincent Canby by Molly Haskell

Screenings: Pollock by Kristin M. Jones, Snatch by John Patterson, The Caveman’s Valentine by John Anderson, Thirteen Days by Harlan Jacobson, Series 7: The Contenders by Chris Chang.

Home Movies: The Mission by Gavin Smith