January/February 2002 (PDF only)

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Cover: Black Hawk Down by Harlan Jacobson

Makhmalbaf’s Kandahar by Fouad Ajami
Afghanistan docs Jung and Massoud l’Afghan by Kent Jones 
Michael Mann’s Ali by Paul Arthur 
Sokurov’s Spiritual Voices by Tony Pipolo
Andrzej Munk by Stuart Klawans
Godard’s In Praise of Love by Amy Taubin and Kent Jones
Nanni Moretti by Deborah Young
Moretti’s The Son’s Room by Harlan Jacobson

Special Midsection: Japanese Cinema Now: A User’s Guide guest edited by Chuck Stephens
12 leading lights of new Japanese cinema by Chuck Stephens, Olaf Möller, Travis Crawford & David Chute
Ring & J-Horror by Alvin Lu
Shinji Somai by Shigehiko Hasumi
actors Koji Yashuko by Amy Taubin & Tadanobu Asano by Chuck Stephens
J-Porn by Olaf Möller

2001 Wrap Up

Critics poll of Best Films of Year; 10 Best Lists; Movies that Mattered; “Intern’s Revenge” : naming and shaming the worst pics of the year; Inessential Cinema: a year’s worth of guilty pleasures

Guilty Pleasures by Catherine Breillat

Frameups: Taryn Manning by Mark Olsen

Tokyo Journal: the “post-postwar” generation of Japanese filmmakers by Sadao Yamane

Discovery: Le Souffle director Damien Odoul by Kristin M. Jones

First Look: Gus Van Sant’s Gerry by Amy Taubin

Sound & Vision: The 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack by Damon Krukowski & Jon Haddock’s Screenshots by Chris Chang

Distributor Wanted: Manoel de Oliveira’s I’m Going Home by Dave Kehr

Storyboard: Treatments by Michael Tolkin

Screenings: Storytelling by Jessica Winter, Monsoon Wedding by David Chute, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by Neil Golden, Lantana by Adrian Martin, Cotton Candy by Paul Arthur, What Time Is it There? by Kristin M. Jones

Home Movies: The Heartbreak Kid by Gavin Smith