January/February 2003

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Cover: Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York by Amy Taubin

Andrzej Zulawski by Michael Atkinson
David Thomson, his Biographical Dictionary of Film and Cinephilia by Kent Jones 
Delmer Daves by Bertrand Tavernier
Divine Intervention director Elia Suleiman interviewed by Gary Indiana
Essay films by Paul Arthur
Import DVDs by Alex Leeds

2002 Wrap-Up: Critics Poll of 20 Best Films; 10 Best Lists; Movies that Mattered

Inessential Cinema: a year’s worth of Guilty Pleasures; Industry report by Roger Smith; When Interns Attack—naming and shaming the year’s worst

Frameup: DJ Qualls by Chris Chang

Obit: Rainbeaux Smith by Maitland McDonagh

Discovery: Neo-agit-prop doc director Travis Wilkerson by Alice Lovejoy

Bombay Journal: the current state of Indian cinema by Maithili Rao

Sound & Vision: Lalo Schifrin by Chris Norris & William Kentridge by Chris Chang

First Look: All the Real Girls by Nathan Lee

Storyboard: Chanson D’Amour (Scenario for an Unproduced Musical Film) by Geoffrey O’Brien

Distributor Wanted: Jean-François Stévenin’s Mischka by Frédéric Bonnaud

Guilty Pleasures by Guy Maddin

Festivals: Vancouver by Chuck Stephens

Screenings: Spider by Richard Combs, Chicago by Michael Koresky, The Quiet American by Harlan Jacobson, Underwater Impressions by Olaf Möller

Home Movies: Best of Bowie video collection by Gavin Smith