January/February 2006

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Cover: Woody Allen’s Match Point by Harlan Jacobson and Richard Combs

The Intruder: Claire Denis Interviewed by Gavin Smith
Michael Winterbottom’s Tristram Shandy by Jonathan Romney
Andy Warhol’s Blue Movie by Amy Taubin
Andy Warhol by Mark McElhatten

The Best of 2005: Best Films of the Year Critics Poll, Ten Best Lists, Movies That Mattered, Terra Incognita, Industry: End of an Era?

Guilty Pleasures by Slavoj Zizek

Olaf’s World: Jean Epstein by Olaf Möller

Distributor Wanted: Philippe Garrel’s Regular Lovers

Alex Cox’s Flashback: Francesco Rosi’s The Mattei Affair

Hot Set: Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales by Mark Olsen

Sound & Vision: Revolutionary Composer George Antheil by Maurice Peress & the Films of Joseph Cornell by Chris Chang

Journal: Catalonian Cinema by Manuel Yáñez Murillo

Festivals: Vancouver by Chuck Stephens, Turin by Gavin Smith, Marrakech by Chris Chang

Screenings: Manderlay by Gary Indiana, Battle in Heaven by Frédéric Bonnaud, Bubble by Amy Taubin, Unknown White Male by Paul Arthur, Munich by Nathan Lee

Readings: Phillip Lopate on Richard Shickel’s Elia Kazan: A Biography

Home Movies: FACETS Multimedia Round-up by Gavin Smith