July/August 1974 (PDF only)

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Cover: Renoir, Rossellini, Bunuel, and Hitchcock

Features: Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman by Robin Wood; Ingrid Bergman

interviewed by Robin Wood

Recent Rossellini by John Hughes

Jean Renoir by Roger Greenspun

Alfred Hitchcock by Richard Roud

The Milky Way by Raymond Durgnat

Francis Ford Coppola interviewed by Marjorie Rosen

Jack Clayton on The Great Gatsby interviewed by Marjorie Rosen

Midsection: Movies and architecture by Brendan Gill

Projectionist Artie Steiger by Charles Silver

Independents by Amos Vogel

Animal Crackers by Wayne Kabak

Alfred Hitchcock’s address to The Film Society of Lincoln Center

Film Favorites: The Incredible Shrinking Man by Martin Rubin

Journals: Paris by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Los Angeles by Stephen Farber

Books: From Reverence to Rape by Molly Haskell, Popcorn Venus: Women, Movies and The American Dream by Marjorie Rosen, and Women and Their Sexuality in the New Film by Joan Mellen, reviewed by Janet Sternburg; Alexander Dovzhenko: The Poet as Filmmaker, ed. Marco Carynnyk, reviewed by Stuart Liebman; The Comic Mind: Comedy and the Movies by Gerald Mast, reviewed by William Rothman