July/August 1975

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Cover: The Passenger by Ted Perry; Michelangelo Antonioni interviewed by Renee Epstein

Features: Jerry Lewis by Jean-Pierre Coursodon

Populism and social realism by Raymond Durgnat

Alain Resnais interviewed by James Monaco and Richard Seaver

Marxist and semiotic film criticism by Robin Wood

Statements in support of Marcel Ophuls’ The Memory of Justice

Film censorship in Yugoslavia by Dusan Makavejev

Serge Paradjanov by Antonin Liehm

George Stevens by Bruce Petri

Film booker/buyer George Mansour interviewed by Janet Maslin

Midsection: Actor’s salaries by Paul Sarlat

TV news and the end of the Vietnam War by Larry Lichty

Promised Lands by James McCourt

Structuralist film criticism by Amos Vogel