July/August 1976

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Cover: The Missouri Breaks by Charles Michener; Arthur Penn interviewed by Stuart Byron and Terry Curtis Fox 

Features: Billy Wilder by Andrew Sarris 

British Cinema of the ‘60s and ‘70s by Raymond Durgnat 

Post-film noir by Larry Gross 

John Milius interviewed by Richard Thompson 

Maurice Tourneur, Walter Lang, and George Cukor adapt Maeterlinck by Tag Gallagher 

Experimental filmmaker Pat O’Neill by Mitch Tuchman 

Film history in encyclopedias and dictionaries of by Richard T. Jameson 

Midsection: Ken Kesey by Stuart Byron 

CBS investigates public television by Robert Sklar 

Maurice Tourneur and King Vidor on the limitations of the film industry 

Film noir by Peter Hankoff 

A revisionist history of avant-garde film (part 1) by Amos Vogel 

Journals: London and New York by Jonathan Rosenbaum 

Australia by Jan Dawson 

Books: Movie-Made America by Robert Sklar and America in the Movies by Michael Wood, reviewed by Gerald Weales