July/August 1977

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Cover: Martin Scorsese interviewed by Jonathan Kaplan on New York, New York 

Features: Howard Hawks by Raymond Durgnat 

Star Wars: pro and con by Arthur Lubow and Terry Curtis Fox 

Billy Jack director and star Tom Laughlin interviewed by Beverly Walker 

3 Women by Roger Greenspun

Film distribution by Lee Beaupre

Film exhibition by Richard Corliss 

Midsection: Gary Beydler’s Pasadena Freeway Stills by Amos Vogel 

In Memoriam: Joan Crawford by Stephen Harvey 

In Memoriam: Roberto Rossellini by John Hughes 

Movie moments by Roger Ebert 

Economic film history by Tag Gallagher 

Cutting films for TV by Michael Kerbel 

Journals: New York by Jerry Oster 

Moving by Jonathan Rosenbaum 

Rotterdam by Richard Roud 

Books: Caligari’s Cabinet and Other Grand Illusions by Leon Barsacq, reviewed by William K. Everson; How to Read a Film by James Monaco, reviewed by Samson Raphaelson; The Major Film Theories: An Introduction by Dudley Andrew, reviewed by Roger Copeland