July/August 1978 (PDF)

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Cover: Rock movies by Dave Marsh

Features: American horror films in the 60s and 70s by Robin Wood

Douglas Sirk interviewed by James Harvey

Non-narrative elements of film by Jonathan  Rosenbaum, David Ehrenstein, and Raymond Durgnat

Nazi-era musicals by Richard Traubner

Pulp-magazine uperheroes on the screen by Bernard A. Drew

Grease by Stephen Harvey

Guilty Pleasures by Roger Ebert

The economics of independent production by Lee Beaupre

Anthropological films by Amos Vogel

Midsection — Screenwriters: Introduction by Richard Corliss, and interviews with Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin, Howard Koch, George Axelrod, Robert Benton, David and Leslie Newman, Richard Levinson, William Link, and Paul Schrader

Journals: Paris by Gilbert Adair

Moving by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Books: Big Bad Wolves by Joan Mellen, reviewed by George Morris; Ealing Studios by Charles Barr, reviewed by Raymond Durgnat