July/August 1979 (PDF)

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Cover: Special Issue — Television

Features: Live dramas from TV's golden age by Michael Kerbel

TV movies by Tom Allen

50s TV comedy by Peter W. Kaplan

Norman Lear by Richard Corliss

20 infamous moments in TV history by Paul Slansky

OD-ing on TV by Janet Maslin

TV news sex symbols by Richard Corliss

Johnny Carson by Roger Ebert

Television sports by Cary Schneider

Lou Grant by Richard T. Jameson

Dallas by Dave Kehr

Midsection — Commercials: Making commercials by Dan Yakir

Commercial character types by Tom Figenshu

Journals: Ojai by Frank Rich

Paris by Gilbert Adair

Books: The War, The West, and the Wilderness by Kevin Brownlow, reviewed by William K. Everson