July/August 1981 (PDF only)

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Cover: Raiders of the Lost Ark; Steven Spielberg by Veronica Geng, and George Lucas interviewed by Mitch Tuchman and Anne Thompson

Ivan Passer and Cutter's Way by Richard T. Jameson, and Passer interviewed by Joe Leydon

Movie endings by David Thomson

Special-effects artist Tom Savini by David Chute

Indian film by Elliot Stein

Ed Pincus's Diaries (1971-1976) by Stephen Schiff

Guilty Pleasures by Michael Powell

Berlin's International Forum of Young Film by Amos Vogel

Midsection — Jews on screen: An overview by Carlos Clarens

Yiddish-language films by J. Hoberman

Jews in silent films by Lester Friedman

Obit: Raoul Walsh by Roger McNiven

Journals: Los Angeles by David Chute

Berlin by Harlan Kennedy

New York by Tom Allen