July/August 1982

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Cover: The Road Warrior by David Chute, and an interview with George Miller

Features: Blade Runner by Harlan Kennedy, and an interview with Ridley Scott

Richard Pryor by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Movie comedy in the '70s by Dave Kehr

Tron and The Secret of NIMH by Charles Solomon

Calcutta Film Festival by Elliot Stein

Director Jim Seale interviewed by Tim Hunter

Rocky III by Joe Flaherty

Guilty Pleasures by Richard Schickel

Midsection -- Producers: Overview by David Thomson

Producer lingo by Anne Thomson and Allen Smithee

Annie producer Ray Stark by Harlan Jacobson

Journals: New York by Tom Allen

Books: On Movies by Dwight Macdonald, reviewed by Michael Sragow; Movies Plus One by William S. Pechter, reviewed by Jonathan Rosenbaum