July/August 1985 (PDF)

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Cover: The Emerald Forest and the madness of new British cinema by Harlan Kennedy 

Features: Brat Packs and Kidpix by Armond White

Edgar Reitz interviewed by Gideon Bachman

Silverado and the 80’s westerns by Stephen Harvey

Marcia Pally talks to Linda Hunt

Kevin Kline interviewed by Stephen Harvey

Midsection — Mavericks: The Seventies hot shots in the Eighties by Stephen Farber

Hollis Frampton by Mitch Tuchman

Niven Busch interviewed by David Thomson

William Hurt interviewed by Dan Yakir

Pumping Iron II: The Women by Marcia Pally

George Stevens, Jr. interviewed by Ronald Haver

Screenwriting in the silent era by Richard Corliss

Richard Schickel introduces a satiric scene written by D.W. Griffith’s screenwriter dramatizing the director himself

Guilty Pleasures: Dan Wakefield

Journals: Dan Yakir talks to John Travolta and Nicholas Meyer; Gene Hackman films Target by Frederic Rosen

Pensees: The historical image of the cinemate by Richmond Crinkley