July/August 1991

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Cover: Marlon Brando by Richard Schickel, William A. Wellman Jr.

Features: Why Billy Wilder Belongs in the Pantheon by Andrew Sarris

Graham Greene and Film by David Thomson

Milos Forman and Why Havel? By Jesse Bryant Wilder

Mortal Thoughts and Thelma & Louise by Kathleen Murphy

Delusion and Road Movies by Donald Lyons

Danny Aiello interviewed by Gavin Smith

Eisenstein by Nestor Almedros

Fascism & Hollywood by Anthony Slide

Europa by Harlan Kennedy

Hanna Schygulla by Jim Emerson

Jacques Demy by Peter Hogue

Sayles’s City of Hope by Robert Horton

Life With Video: The Vampire’s Ghost by Richard T. Jameson; Mail-order Video by Elliot Forbes, Eurohorror by Maitland McDonagh; B Westerns by Peter Hogue