July/August 1993

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Cover: Philip Kaufman by Gavin Smith


Woody & Saddam & Charlie & Adolf by Richard Combs

Rebecca’s Daughters by Peter Richards

B Movies by Gregory Solman

Madame de… and The Scarlet Empress by Kathleen Murphy

Seventies Film Noir by Donald Lyons

Hitchcock’s WWII by Bret Wood

Gregory Markopoulos by David Ehrenstein

Ousmane Sembene by Michael Atkinson

Peter Ibbetson by Michael Atkinson

Gianni Amelio by Godfrey Cheshire

Guilty Pleasures: Julia Sweeney

Festivals: Cannes by Mary Corliss and Harlan Kennedy

Books: The Video Watchdog Book by Tim Lucas; Video Watchdog Magazine; The Shadow and Its Shadow: Surrealist Writings on Cinema by Paul Hammond; Objects of Desire: Conversations with Luis Bunuel by Jose de la Colina and Tomas Perez. Reviewed by Glenn Kenny