July/August 2002

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Cover: Yoda in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Special Section: the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars and the rise of digital filmmaking by Gregory Solman; Star Wars fandom by Edward E. Crouse; Darth Vader’s low self-esteem problem by Kevin Smith; Star Wars sound design by Philip Brophy; Star Wars toys by Michael Koresky; Attack of the Clones audio book reviewed by Paul Arthur; George Lucas interviewed by Gavin Smith

Minority Report by Chris Chang 
Bruce Conner by Howard Hampton 
Jacques Tourneur by Geoffrey O’Brien 
Nick Broomfield’s Biggie & Tupac by Amy Taubin
French film critic Serge Daney by Chris Darke
“From Projector to Parade” by Serge Daney
Dirty Harry revisited by Richard Combs
Francis Coppola remarks at May 7 FSLC Gala

Guilty Pleasures by Chris Weitz

Frameup: Zooey Deschanel by Mark Olsen

Obit: Raymond Durgnat by Richard Combs

Discovery: City of God director Fernando Meirelles by Alicino Leite Neto

Melbourne Journal: current Australian cinema by Adrian Martin

First Look: Paul Schrader’s Auto Focus by Kent Jones

Sound & Vision: 24 Hour Party People by Simon Reynolds & Olaf Breuning by Chris Chang

Distributor Wanted: Hou Hsiao-hsien’s Millenium Mambo by Chris Chang

Storyboard: Salve Regina by J.T. Leroy

Festivals: Cannes by Amy Taubin, Kent Jones, Richard Peña, Mary Corliss, and Gavin Smith

Screenings: Full Frontal by Mark Olsen, Corpus Callosum by Jonathan Rosenbaum, Possession by Kristin M. Jones, All About Lily Chou-Chou by Michael Koresky, Merci pour le chocolat by Richard Combs