July/August 2009 (PDF)

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Cover Story: Inglourious Basterds's Christoph Waltz interviewed by Stefan Grissemann

Features: The Headless Woman by Amy Taubin

Lorna’s Silence by Thom Andersen

Inglourious Basterds by Scott Foundas

On the Download, Inside a Secret Society of Cinephile File-sharers by Quintín

Everyone Else by Kent Jones

Agnès Varda’s The Beaches of Agnès by Haden Guest

Hot Property: Breathless by Chris Chang

Alex Cox’s 1,000 Ways to Die: J.F. Lawton’s Jackson

Site Specifics: Paul Fileri on Artforum

Encore: Roger Corman’s The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre by Richard Combs

Brief Encounters: Larry David by Harlan Jacobson

Sound & Vision: It Might Get Loud by Chris Chang & Bruce McClure by Patrick Friel

Festivals: Cannes by Amy Taubin, Gavin Smith, Larry Gross, Melissa Anderson, Richard Peña; Tribeca by Amy Taubin

Screenings: Tony Manero by José Teodoro; Still Walking by Tony Rayns; In The Loop by Graham Fuller; Beeswax by Amy Taubin; Thirst by David James

Short Takes: 500 Days of Summer by Nicolas Rapold; Ghosted by Laura Kern; Humpday by Nicolas Rapold; Lion’s Den by Laura Kern; Not Quite Hollywood by Nicolas Rapold; Surveillance by Laura Kern

Home Movies: Surveying the First Decade: Video Art and Alternative Media in the U.S. Vol. 1 & 2 by Amy Taubin

Readings: Jonathan Rosenbaum on Kazan on Directing

The Trivial Top 20: Best Cannes Palme d’Or Winners