July/August 2012

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Cover: Prometheus by Vivian Sobchack

Features: Adam Curtis by Chris Darke
Oliver Stone's Savages by Scott Foundas
I Killed Bette Davis by Larry Cohen
Obama Cinema by J. Hoberman
Steve McQueen by Richard Combs

Hot Property: Our Children by Nicolas Rapold

Alex Cox’s 10,000 Ways to Die: More Than Frybread

Site Specifics: cinemetrics.lv

The Trivial Top 20: Most Prolific Self-Directors

Fade Out: Amos Vogel by Michael Chaiken

Encore: Margaret by Violet Lucca

Sound & Vision: Searching for Sugar Man by Chris Norris & Brent Green by Chris Chang 

A Face in the Crowd: Beverly Michaels by Chuck Stephens

Further Research: Dave Kehr on William K. Howard

Festivals: Cannes by Amy Taubin, Joumane Chahine, Richard Peña, Marco Grosoli, Gavin Smith

Screenings: A Hot Burning Summer by Kent Jones, Killer Joe by Brynn White, The Do-Deca-Pentathalon by Dan Sullivan, Farewell, My Queen by Kristin M. Jones 

Short Takes: Almayer’s Folly by Nicolas Rapold, Beloved by Chris Chang, Chicken With Plums by Violet Lucca, Little White Lies by Laura Kern, Unforgivable by Chris Chang, The Well-Digger’s Daughter by Nicolas Rapold 

Home Movies: Show People by Kent Jones, Numéro deux & Ici et ailleurs by Patrick Friel, Revolution: The Director’s Cut by Richard Combs, The Devil’s Needle & Other Tales of Vice and Redemption by Graham Corrigan, Up All Night with Robert Downey Sr. by Michael Chaiken, A New Leaf by Brynn White, Yellow Submarine by Dave Filipi, Silver City & Denver and Rio Grande by Chuck Stephens, Ganja & Hess by Travis Crawford, Claudio Caldini: Experimental Films 1975-1982 by Aaron Cutler 

Readings: The Anatomy of Harpo Marx by Joe Milutis, Millenial Cinema: Memory in Global Film by Meredith Slifkin, Siegfried Kracauer’s American Writings: Essays on Film and Popular Culture by Noah Isenberg, Film After Film (Or, What Became of 21st Century Cinema)