July/August 2016

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Cover: Kristen Stewart by Nick Davis

Features: Forgotten black actors of the silent era by Ashley Clark
Warren Oates and the working-class actor by Nick Pinkerton
Neither Heaven Nor Earth with Clément Cogitore interview by Yonca Talu
Wang Bing by Andrew Chan
Kate Plays Christine and the new nonfiction by Eric Hynes
Nathaniel Dorsky by Max Nelson

Hot Property: Bogdan Mirica’s Dogs by Nicolas Rapold

Directions: Maren Ade on Toni Erdmann by Nicolas Rapold

Matías Piñeiro’s In the Moment: Irm Hermann in The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant

Restoration Row by Max Nelson

Sound: Frank Zappa by Margaret Barton-Fumo

Vision: Computer Films of the 1960s by Violet Lucca

Critics’ Choice: Eight critics rate 25 new releases

Festivals: Cannes by Amy Taubin, Kent Jones, Nicolas Rapold, and Dennis Lim

ScreeningsOur Little Sister by Aliza Ma, The Innocents by Kristin M. Jones, The BFG by Michael Koresky, Microbe & Gasoline by Violet Lucca

Short TakesCaptain Fantastic by Nicolas Rapold, The Childhood of a Leader by Violet Lucca, Disorder by Jordan Cronk, Into the Forest by Laura Kern, Southside with You by Jeff Reichert, Summertime by Yonca Talu

Home Movies: Pioneers of African-American Cinema by Patrick Friel, The Immortal Story by Steven Mears, The Films of Maurice Pialat by Nicholas Elliott, The Mermaid by Andrew Chan, Gold by Michael Atkinson, 10 Cloverfield Lane by Michael Koresky, Five Miles to Midnight by Justin Stewart, Fantastic Planet by David Filipi, A Monster with a Thousand Heads by José Teodoro, The King and Four Queens by Nick Pinkerton

Readings: Talking About Ken Russell by Paul Sutton, reviewed by Violet Lucca; Stone Male: Requiem for the Living Picture by Joe Carducci, reviewed by Nick Pinkerton; Cult Cinema: An Arrow Video Companion edited by Anthony Nield, reviewed by Laura Kern; Flare Out: Aesthetics 1966-2016 by Peter Gidal, edited Mark Webber and Peter Gidal, reviewed by Jordan Cronk

Graphic Detail: Clément Hurel by Adrian Curry

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