July/August 2019

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Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
By Nicolas Rapold
Quentin Tarantino turns the clock back 50 years to Los Angeles on the eve of the Manson murders in his tender, extended memory piece. Plus: Howard Hampton on the TV-actor universe of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio’s characters

Interview: Jim Jarmusch
By Amy Taubin
Deadpan comedy and melancholy existentialism are strange bedfellows in The Dead Don’t Die and its small-town, globally sourced zombie apocalypse

By Dennis Lim
With a poised love-turned-ghost-story set in Dakar, filmmaker Mati Diop makes her entrancing feature debut—and history at Cannes

By Yonca Talu
An Israeli man settles in Paris and experiences dislocation and marginalization in Nadav Lapid’s latest visceral entry in his cinema of ambivalent alienation. Plus: an interview with the director by Jordan Cronk

United Artists at 100
By Nick Pinkerton
The centennial of the storied Hollywood studio is occasion to ponder whether freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose in American cinema. Plus: Monica Castillo recalls a company that sought independence for film artists of color

Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee
By Shonni Enelow
The trailblazing partners in life, activism, and the American stage brought their particular skills and cultural legacy to bear on Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, celebrating its 30th anniversary this summer

Nelly Kaplan
By Nellie Killian
One of the most overlooked French filmmakers of the ’60s and ’70s (and beyond) made mercurial, unapologetically screwball portraits of self-possessed women that take no prisoners


THE PRE-SHOW | News, views, conversations, and other things to get worked up about
News, Inspired: Ari Aster on Midsommar, Release Me: Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelle’s Bacurau by Ela Bittencourt, Directions: Corneliu Porumboiu by Jordan Cronk, Restoration Row: Youssef Chahine’s Cairo Station and The Land by Max Nelson

Critics rate and comment on new releases

MAKE IT REAL | The wide, wide world of cinematic nonfiction
Eric Hynes on painting as documentation in two new Chinese films

ART AND CRAFT | Filmmaking according to the makers
Makeup FX artist and creature sculptor Norman Cabrera, as told to Kelli Weston

FINEST HOUR | One actor, one performance
John Lone in M. Butterfly by Kelley Dong

OFF THE PAGE | The art of getting from book to screen
Mexican classic Pedro Páramo by José Teodoro

PLAYING ALONG | Music and the movies
Ken Loach’s Riff-Raff by Christine Smallwood

INSIDE STORIES | Redefining the boundaries of the new media age
Laurie Anderson & Hsin-Chien Huang’s VR project by Jonathan Romney

IN MEMORIAM | Remembering the cinéastes who have passed on
Doris Day by