March/April 1978 (PDF only)

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Cover: Jane Fonda by Tracy Young

Features: Avant-garde film by Mitch Tuchman

 An Unmarried Woman by Roger Ebert, and Paul Mazursky interviewed by Terry Curtis Fox

Gerard Depardieu by Harry Stein and Molly Haskell

Sci-Fi in the 70s by Carlos Clarens

Blonde Venus by Robin Wood

Raymond Durgnat responds to William Paul on Howard Hawks

1977 film grosses by Stuart Byron

The Film Fund by Amos Vogel

Midsection: Charlie Chaplin  by Richard Corliss

Howard Hawks by Joseph McBride

George Cukor by Andrew Sarris

Bette Davis by James McCourt

Journals: London by Jan Dawson

Paris by Gilbert Adair

Books: Universal Pictures by Michael Fitzgerald and Big U by I.G. Edmonds, reviewed by Richard Koszarski