March/April 1981

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Cover: The Postman Always Rings Twice by David Thomson and an interview with Bob Rafelson; plus, Dan Yakir looks at six movie versions of Postman and interviews Jessica Lange and screenwriter David Mamet

Features: The Blacklist and the Hollywood Ten by Richard Schickel

Peter O'Toole interviewed by Joseph McBride

Oscar predictions from eight critics

Ingmar Bergman by Vlada Petric

Guilty Pleasures by James Woods

1980 film grosses by Myron Meisel

Hill Street Blues by Richard T. Jameson

Midsection — Barbara Stanwyck: Tributes from Stephen Harvey and James McCourt

Stanwyck with Frank Capra by Richard T. Jameson

Stella Dallas by David Thomson

Stanwyck interviewed by Bernard Drew

Index of Volume 15, 1980

Journals: London Film Festival by Gilbert Adair and Annette Insdorf

Books: David O. Selznick's Hollywood by Ronald Haver, reviewed by James McCourt