March/April 1986 (PDF only)

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Cover: Out of Africa by Richard Corliss

Features: Non-Actors by Marc Mancini

New Argentine Cinema by Pat Aufderheide

David Thomson surveys the year in British Film

James Foley interviewed by Dan Yakir

Le mystiere Picasso by Leonard Klady

Midsection — When the Gaze is Gay: A brief history of homosexuality in mainstream cinema by Vito Russo

Lesbianism on film by Marcia Pally

Hollywood’s Homosexuals by Gregg Kilday

AIDS onscreen by Darrell Yates Rist

Oscar Predictions

Industry: Tenth Annual ‘Grosses Gloss’ by Anne Thompson

Journals: Production Designer Patrizia von Brandstein by Carlos Clarens & Mary Corliss

TV: Studio Audience and Canned Laughter Sitcoms by Jack Barth

Soundtrack: Ry Cooder by Elvis Mitchell

Orbits: Remebering Willard Van Dyke by Austin Lamont