March/April 1987 (PDF only)

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Cover: Raising Arizona by Jack Barth

Armond White on Woody Allen’s Radio Days & Robert Townsend’s Hollywood Shuffle

Stephen Frears by Harlan Kennedy

Alec Guinness by David Thomson

Mel Frank with Jonathan Benair

Midsection – Heaven: Diane Keaton on Heaven interviewed by Marlaine Glicksman

Jimmy McDonough with the Ormond family- exploitation filmmakers, born again

Joe Bob Briggs on God in the Studio era

12th Annual Grosses Gloss by Anne Thompson

Journals: John Powers at the U.S. Film Festival in Park City a.k.a Sundance

The Comeback of Conrad Hall by Leon Klady

Andrew Horton on the set of Schlondorff’s A Gathering of Old Men

TV: ‘The Home Shopping Club’ by Mike Wilkins

Orbits: Carlos Clarens remembered by Mary Corliss