March/April 1988 (PDF)

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Cover: Alan Rudoplh’s The Moderns by Karen Jaehne

Features: Broadcast News by Richard Corliss

Remaking And God Created Woman by Marc Mancini

Movies into Plays by Robert Sklar

Robert Florey on Charlie Chaplin by Brian Taves

Midsection – Documentarists into Fiction Filmmakers: Robert M. Young’s Dominick and Eugene by Marlaine Glicksman

Singing the Blues in Red and an interview with Ken Loach by Gavin Smith

A World Apart and an interview with Chris Menges by Armond White

Journals: Havana Film Festival by Pat Aufderheide

The Sixth Native American Film Festival by Armond White

Chuck Solomon by Austin Lamont

TV: TV Dramas by Tom Carson

Oscar Predix

13th Annual Grosses Gloss by Anne Thompson