March/April 1999 (PDF)

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Cover: British monarchy films by Nicholas Nicastro

Oscar Predictions
Besieged by Dave Kehr 
Julia Sweeney by Andrew Sarris
In Dreams by Kathleen Murphy
Gay Nineties Cinema by Christopher Kelly
Notorious by Leonard J. Leff
The Mother and the Whore by Lisa Katzman
Ben-Hur by Peter Richards
Eddie Romero by Lee Server
Grosses Gloss
Warren Sonbert by Paul Arthur
Childhood cinema memories by Frank Holland

Festivals: Sundance by Gavin Smith and Rachel Rosen; Rotterdam by Dave Kehr

Film Reviews: Cookie’s Fortune by Dave Kehr, The Winslow Boy by Kent Jones, Hideous Kinky by Jonathan Romney, School of Flesh by Robert Horton, Get Real by Michael Wilmington

Video Review: Björk’s Volumen by Gavin Smith