March/April 2004

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Cover: FSLC Gala Award Honoree Michael Caine interviewed by Graham Fuller

Feature: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Chris Norris
Hollywood-cum-expat director Joseph Losey by Richard Combs
French filmmaker Siegrid Alnoy’s One of Us by Jonathan Romney
Director Marco Bellochio by Deborah Young
2003 Grosses Gloss by Jeffrey Spaulding

Distributor Wanted: Celina Murga’s Ana and the Others by Kent Jones

Guy Maddin’s Jolly Corner: Arthur Ripley’s 1946 The Chase

Discovery: Experimental video-makers/archivists The Speculative Archive by Carly Behwick

Olaf’s World: Nigerian video film culture

First Look: Hou Hsiao-hsien’s Café Lumière by Chris Fujiwara

Sound & Vision: Lost Highway (The Opera) by Barry Gifford & Isaac Julien by Chris Norris

Festivals: Sundance by Amy Taubin, Rachel Rosen, and Gavin Smith; Rotterdam by Olaf Möller and Edward E. Crouse

Storyboard: Crisis in the Life of an Actor by Gary Indiana

Screenings: The Saddest Music in the World by Michael Atkinson, Greendale by Wesley Morris, Mayor of Sunset Strip by Paul Arthur, Saved by Alissa Quart.

Readings: Down and Dirty Pictures by Amy Taubin

Screenings: Arthur Penn’s The Chase by Gavin Smith