March/April 2007

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Cover: Diane Keaton by Graham Fuller

Black Book: Paul Verhoeven by Nathan Lee
Hot Fuzz by Jonathan Romney
Carlos Saura by Manuel Yáñez Murillo
Satoshi Kon by Tom Mes
32nd annual Grosses Gloss by Roger Smith & Donald Wilson
Pedro Costa by Thom Andersen

Fade Out: Remembering Farrokh Ghaffari & Fereydoun Hoveyda by Godfrey Cheshire

Sound & Vision: Stan Douglas’s Klatsassin by Chris Chang & Doug Aitken’s Sleepwalkers by Elizabeth Schambelan

Olaf’s World: Alexis Damianos by Olaf Möller

Encore: William Castle’s When Strangers Marry by Gary Giddins

Art of the Real: The ethics of documentary practice by Paul Arthur

Festivals: Sundance by Amy Taubin, Gavin Smith; Rotterdam by Chris Darke

ScreeningsPrivate Fears in Public Places by Phillip Lopate, Red Road by Graham Fuller, 300 by Edward E. Crouse, After the Wedding by Joumane Chahine

Home Movies: Performance by Paul Schrader

Readings: Richard Schickel on David Mamet’s Bambi vs. Godzilla

Distributor Wanted: Longing by Chris Chang

Alex Cox’s Flashback: Charles Burnett’s Killer of Sheep

Guy Maddin’s Jolly Corner: De Mille’s The Godless Girl

Screen Play: The Warriors video game by Edward E. Crouse