March/April 2008 (PDF)

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Cover Story: Meryl Streep by Molly Haskell

Horror Remakes by Nathan Lee
Munyurangabo by Robin Wood
Shine a Light by Paul Arthu
Nicolas Klotz’s Heartbeat Detector by Irina Leimbacher   

Grosses Gloss by Alec Harvey and Donald Wilson

Olaf’s World: Patrick Tam

Sound & Vision: No Country for Old Men by Philip Brophy & Antonioni’s abandoned project Technically Sweet by Chris Chang

Art of the Real: Hearts of Darkness by Paul Arthur

Encore: It Always Rains on Sunday by Bertrand Tavernier

Festivals: Sundance by Gavin Smith and Laura Kern; Rotterdam by Chris Darke and Gavin Smith

Screenings: Boarding Gate by Jessica Winter, Stalags by Stuart Klawans, Standard Operating Procedure by Michael Chaiken, Paranoid Park by David Ehrenstein, Flight of the Red Balloon by Megan Ratner, J’entends plus la guitare by Paul Fileri, Love Songs by Kristin M. Jones

Home Movies: The Films of Frederick Wiseman by Nicolas Rapold

Readings: Chris Fujiwara’s The World and Its Double: The life and Work of Otto Preminger by Robert Horton

Distributor Wanted: Captain Ahab by Elisabeth Lequeret

Alex Cox’s Flashback: Gideon Koppel’s Sleep Furiously

Site Specifics: Paul Fileri on David Bordwell’s web site