March/April 2012

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Cover: The Dardenne Brothers’ The Kid with a Bike by Frédéric Bonnaud

Features: Alexei German by Anton Dolin
Found-footage Cinema by J. Hoberman 
The Deep Blue Sea by Graham Fuller 
Cinephilia by Nico Baumbach 
The 37th Annual Grosses Gloss by Donald Wilson

Hot Property: Pablo Giorgelli’s Las Acias by Nicolas Rapold 

Alex Cox’s 10,000 Ways to Die: David Miller’s Executive Action by Alex Cox

Site Specifics: Jesse P. Finnegan on

Fade Out: Bingham Ray by Michael Barker and Gilbert Adair by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Further Research: Bernard Vorhaus by Dave Kehr 

A Face in the Crowd: Brenda Sykes by Chuck Stephens

Brief Encounters: Sean Penn 

Reader’s Poll: Your Best Films of 2011

Sound & Vision: Last Days Here by Chris Norris & The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye by Chris Chang

Festivals: Sundance by Amy Taubin, Laura Kern; Rotterdam by Gavin Smith

Screenings: This is Not a Film by Phillip Lopate; Keyhole by Geoffrey O’Brien; The Raid by Grady Hendrix; Red Tails by Ina Diane Archer

Short TakesAttenberg by Nicolas Rapold; The Cabin in the Woods by Laura Kern; Gerhard Richter Painting by Nicolas Rapold; The Hunter by Chris Chang; Jeff, Who Lives at Home by Paul Brunick; Jiro Dreams of Sushi by Chris Chang

Home Movies: The Cinema of Jean Rollin by Maitland McDonagh

Readings: Kent Jones on The Patagonian Hare: A Memoir