March/April 2013

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Cover: Olivier Assayas's Something in the Air by David Thompson

Features: Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers by Michael Chaiken
Peter Mettler by José Teodoro
IMDb by Vivian Sobchack
MAD movie parodies by Grady Hendrix
David Gatten by Holly Willis
38th Annual Grosses Gloss by Donald Wilson

Hot Property: Emil Christov's The Color of the Chameleon by Nicolas Rapold

Alex Cox’s 10,000 Ways to Die: Sogo Ishii's Electric Dragon 80000V

Site Specifics: Clothes on Film by Violet Lucca

Trivial Top 20: Longest Movie Titles, Readers’ Poll

Guilty Pleasures: Rian Johnson

Olaf’s World: René Vautier by Olaf Möller

Further Research: Lew Landers by Dave Kehr

Sound & Vision: Petra Haden by Chris Norris and Francis Alÿs by Chris Chang

A Face in the Crowd: Jay C. Flippen by Chuck Stephens

Encore: Aram Avakian's End of the Road by Violet Lucca

Festivals: Rotterdam by Gavin Smith and Sundance by Amy Taubin and Laura Kern

Screenings: Reality by Marco Grosoli, Post Tenebras Lux by Dan Sullivan, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty by Ina Archer

Short Takes: Gimme the Loot by Max Nelson, Ginger & Rosa by Nicolas Rapold, Midnight's Children by Chris Chang, The Place Beyond the Pines by Nicolas Rapold, The We and the I by Chris Chang, Wrong by Violet Lucca

Home Movies: House of Cards by Amy Taubin

Readings: The Friedkin Connection by Scott Foundas