March/April 2019

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High Life
By Nick Pinkerton
Claire Denis goes beyond the infinite in one of her most daring gambits, a space journey where the darkness lies within

Her Smell
By Mark Asch
Elisabeth Moss’s riot-grrrl rocker Becky Something joins Alex Ross Perry’s cinematic roster of unforgettable characters galvanized and stunted by life

World of Dau
Feature and interview by Jonathan Romney
A movie is so much more than a movie in Ilya Khrzhanovsky’s multi-multimedia film-art installation in Paris, which encloses the visitor in a self-contained universe

By Madeline Whittle
László Nemes, the Oscar-winning director of Son of Saul, sends viewers spiraling through the labyrinth of pre–World War I Budapest

By Imogen Sara Smith
Christian Petzold returns with another evocation of people on the verge, refugees stuck between countries—and between the present and the past

An Elephant Sitting Still
By Aliza Ma
Ambitious beyond measure, Hu Bo’s epic first feature (and, sadly, also his last) is a monumental tale of misery set in modern-day China

The Gay History of Films and Filming
By Michael Koresky
In-depth articles, reviews, and interviews provided the beard for the hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) queer messages of the classic British cult film magazine

Grosses Gloss
By Alberto Flores
Game-changers like ROMA and Black Panther were the big stories in a year in which box-office numbers and home-viewing habits became closer bedfellows


THE PRE-SHOW | News, views, conversations, and other things to get worked up about
News, Inspired: Kent Jones on Diane, Release Me: Roberto Minervini’s What You Gonna Do When the World’s on Fire? by Nicolas Rapold, Peevish, Directions: Bi Gan by Jordan Cronk, Restoration Row: Safi Faye's Fad’jal by Max Nelson

Critics rate and comment on new releases

MAKE IT REAL | The wide, wide world of cinematic nonfiction
Carlos Reygadas’s Our Time by Eric Hynes

ART AND CRAFT | Filmmaking according to the makers
Jafar Panahi on how he has made films secretly by Jamsheed Akrami

FINEST HOUR | One actor, one performance
Fredi Washington in The Love Wanga by Kelli Weston

OFF THE PAGE | The art of getting from book to screen
Ari Aster on The Last Temptation of Christ

CURRENTS | New and important work plucked from festivals and elsewhere
Ena Sendijarevic’s Take Me Somewhere Nice and Natsuka Kusano’s Domains by Jordan Cronk, Elmar Imanov’s End of Season&n