May/June 1982

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Cover: E.T., and Steven Spielberg interviewed by Todd McCarthy

Features: Gay movies by Mary Richards

Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett by Tom Allen

English actors by David Thomson

Title art by Dean Billanti, and movie title designer Wayne Fitzgerald interviewed by Mitch Tuchman

Berlin Film Festival by Harlan Kennedy

Victor/Victoria by Carlos Clarens

Conan the Barbarian by Carlos Clarens

Guilty Pleasures by John Milius

Aspect ratios by Dan Yakir

The state of the film industry by Harlan Jacobson

Sex and cinema by Amos Vogel

Midsection — The Video Revolution: An overview by J. Hoberman

Cable TV and narrowcasting by Richard Acks

Rock videos by Arlene Zeichner

Video artists by Amy Taubin

Cable TV in LA by Andy Klein

Francis Ford Coppola and video by Brooks Riley

Journals: Park City, Utah by Austin Lamont

Books: The Hollywood Musical by Ethan Mordden, reviewed by Lawrence O'Toole