May/June 1983

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Cover: Richard Corliss and William Wolf on Ingmar Bergman

Features: God, Sex, and Ingmar Bergman by Richard Corliss and William Wolf

The Other India by Elliot Stein

Super Salkinds by Harlan Kennedy

Headsploitation by Charlie Haas

That Obscure Wound of Desire: Moustache by David Thompson

Joe Dante’s Guilty Pleasures by Joe Dante.

Eye on Zion by Dan Yakir

Wildstyle: Charles Ahearn interviewed by Harlan Jacobson

Independents: More Apocalypse Now by Amos Vogel.

Midsection – The Hard Part

The Hard Part, I: Getting It Made: Breathless Diary by L.M. Kit Carson

The Hard Part, II: Shelf Life: Getting It Shown by Stephen Farber

The Hard Part, III: Getting It Right: The Aesthetics of Failure

Journals: Berlin Titanic, and Cronenberg’s Niagra’s Wag by Harlan Kennedy

Books: Adventures in the Screen Trade by William Goldman, reviewed by John Sayles. Profane Mythology: The Savage Mind of the Cinema by Yvette Biró, reviewed by Barbara Leaming. The Three Stooges Scrapbook by Jeff Lenburg, reviewed by Jack Barth.