May/June 1985 (PDF)

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Cover: Jack Nicholson interviewed by Beverly Walker

Features: Federico Fellini interviewed by Gideon Bachman

Desperately Seeking Susan director Susan Seidelman, screenwriter Leonara Barish, and cinematographer Edward Lachman interviewed by Dan Yakir

42nd Street cinemas by Brendan Gill, Bill Landis, and David Thomson

Hungarian film by J. Hoberman

Rethinking film and feminism by Marcia Pally

Filming the future by Marc Mancini

Midsection – Latin America: Mexican cinema by Leonardo Garcia Tsao

Mexico as seen by Hollywood by David Thomson

Progressive Latin American films by Carol Cooper

Cuban filmmakers in exile by G. Cabrera Infante

Cuban films at the Miami Film Festival by Emilio Fernandez

Six Cuban films by Pat Aufderheide

Journals: Berlin Film Festival by Harlan Kennedy

On the set of Romero’s Day of the Dead by James Vernieri

Witness and Violent Saturday by Michael Sragow

Television: Green Acres by Armond White