May/June 1998 (PDF only)

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Cover Story: Martin Scorsese by Michael Wilmington and an Appreciation by Andrew Lewis Conn. 

            Also: Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore  by Marjorie Rosen

            Taxi Driver by Manny Farber and Patricia Patterson

            Martin Scorsese’s Guilty Pleasures

            Raging Bull by David Thomson

            On Color Preservation by Martin Scorsese

            Goodfellas by Kathleen Murphy

            GoodfellasInnocenceKundun  by Gavin Smith

Woody, Take 2: in response to David Thomson’s “Shoot the Actor” by Kent Jones

Shane Meadows’s TwentyFourSeven by Gavin Smith

Coverage of Berlin Film Festival by Harlan Kennedy

Hollywood lawsuits by Elliot Forbes

Alex van Warmerdam’s The Northeners by William Johnson

Book Reviews: Stephen Teo’s Hong Kong Cinema: The Extra Dimensions and Paul Fonoroff’s Silver Light: A Pictorial History of Hong Kong Cinema, 1920-1970 by David Chute