May/June 1999

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Cover: Mike Nichols by Gavin Smith

Coverage of Berlin Film Festival by Harlan Kennedy 
Tehran Film Festival by Richard Peña 
Recent British cinema by Philip Kemp
Shakespeare in Love by Richard Combs 
Doug Liman’s Go by Mark Olsen 
Claude Jutra’s Mon Oncle Antoine by Donald Chase

Robert Bresson Symposium, Part I:
Introduction by Kent Jones
Les Dames du Bois du Boulogne by John Powers
Diary of a Country Priest by Frédéric Bonnaud
A Man Escaped by Peter Hogue
Pickpocket by Raymond Durgnat
Trial of Joan of Arc by Robert Horton
Mouchette by Phillip Lopate
Au hasard Balthazar by Molly Haskell

Book Review: Neal Gabler’s Life the Movie

Film Reviews: David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ, Mike Newell’s Pushing Tin, Franco Zeffirelli’s Tea With Mussolini, Mark Pellington’s Arlington Road, Clint Eastwood’s True Crime